Maintenance Contracts

An annual maintenance schedule is cost-effective way to avoid problems with your plumbing, hot water and heating systems.

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We set up cost-saving maintenance schedules, designed to keep all systems running smoothly.

With regular visits from one of our plumbers, we’ll keep everything up to date and in good working order. We’ll also identify and fix a drain blockage, plumbing leaks, or worn out parts (such as supply lines feeding a sink or toilet).

Consider becoming a valued customer today and you’ll get to know us on a more personal level when you see a plumber from our team every so often.

Support & Workmanship

We guarantee you will be happy with our response time, product knowledge and workmanship when we install a new appliance or fix or replace something in your home. Call today to talk to one of our licensed Auckland plumbers.

Emergency Services and Repair

Burst Pipes, Water Main and Sewer Line repair and replacement, toilet installations are just a few of the services we provide when problems arise unexpectedly. Need your water turned off? Need a quick repair? When a job needs to be done right, give use a call.